Beer has accompanied the humanity for a very long time. It became a permanent part of tradition and culture of northern European, countries where the climate didn’t allow to harvest the grapevine. For Czech it is a liquid bread, for Englishman it associates with low carbonated ales, for Belgian it is a strong trapist beer, for German it is a turbid and refreshing hefe-weizen. For other countries it is just a common or uncommon light lager. For many years Poland has been one of the beer centers of Europe and the World. Consumption of beer per person is constantly growing here. Since a few years we have been experiencing the beer revolution in our country. Bored with monotony of the offer presented by great concerns, people started to take ‘the beer matter’s into their own hands. More and more people begin to brew beer at home, a lot of craft breweries are being created, the calendar of beer festivals and competitions around home brewing is getting bigger, the breweries are competing in creating the most contrived beer, the beer blogosphere is thriving and is becoming arena of reviews and source of information for beer geeks. Brewing a good Beer is impossible without good stocks. In Poland there is no problem in buying the best malts from Germany, England, Belgium or Poland. The hops offer is also very diverse and contains both the traditional European hops and the crazy and recently very popular hops from the USA or New Zeland. However, there is one flaw in the Polish market of beer stocks: fresh brewing yeast. The suppliers from the USA, although prestigious, can’t be equal to the demands of Polish market, neither in price nor in quickness of delivery. Dry yeast do not provide such wonderful taste effects in beers that can be noticed in results of brewing competitions. Moreover, there is no dry yeast for some of beer styles. We want to fulfill this gap on dynamic development of the Polish beer market. Our goal is to become the first company in Poland specialized in providing fresh liquid yeast from many species. We have dispose of knowledge and equipment to accomplish this goal. We hope that You will join us in the for better and better beers.
Fermentum Mobile’s team.