Fermentum Mobile sp. z o.o. is currently carrying out the project entitled: „Development of liquid brewing yeast sales for home brewers on European market via direct contact with potential recipients and increase in Fermentum Mobile brand recognition”.

The grant was awarded by Pomerania Development Agency and is run within the framework: „Pomeranian Export Broker. Complex system supporting export in Pomerania”.

The purpose of the project is to increase participation in trade fairs concerning craft brewing industry which are held in European countries in 2018 – 2019. As the culmination of the project, Fermentum Mobile will participate in BrauBeviale 2019 in Nuremberg as an exhibitor.
The aim of the project is the continuation of actions that promote the development of Fermentum Mobile, based on export, via:
– stating the presence of Fermentum Mobile on the international market,
– recognition of the brand beyond Polish borders,
– reinforcement of cooperation with existing business partners and building new trading relations.

The company expects that as a result of the obtained grant, Fermentum Mobile brand will be recognizable on the European market, will gain new outlets which in the future will lead to revenue growth and diversification of sales.

Implementation period: 20.10.2018 – 31.12.2019

Granted amount: 74 331,0 zł

Contribution of European funds: 36 316,00 zł